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All Forms, Documents, and Fee Information

03/25/2009 Writ of Execution PDF
12/01/2020 W-4 (2021) PDF
03/16/2010 Vendor Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses PDF
11/09/2020 Upgrading Your PACER Account(MSND) PDF
12/01/2019 Uniform Local Criminal Rules PDF
12/01/2019 Uniform Local Civil Rules PDF
05/14/2008 Transcripts: (Notice to the Bar: Electronic Availability of Transcripts of Court Proceedings) PDF
05/14/2008 Transcript: Notice of Intent to Request Redaction PDF
05/14/2008 Transcript Redaction Request PDF
06/20/2018 Transcript Rates PDF
07/18/2018 Transcript Order Form (Appeal) PDF
07/18/2018 Transcript Order Form (AO_435) PDF
10/26/2017 Transcript Order Form PDF
01/13/2016 Title VII Plaintiffs Proceeding Pro Se in Discrimination Lawsuits: Various Forms and Instructions
05/01/2019 Telework Policy and Agreement PDF
05/28/2020 Telework Agreement for Interns PDF
06/01/2012 Technical Information: How to Redact from PDF PDF
11/02/2015 Social Media Policy and Agreement PDF
11/09/2020 Register for PACER Account PDF
10/18/2010 Reference notes for preparing Bill of Costs (10/10) PDF
07/01/2021 Proposed Amendments to Local Civil Rules PDF
10/24/2018 Probation and Pretrial Services - Telework Plan PDF
07/17/2020 Probation and Pretrial Services - Telework Agreement PDF
12/14/2020 Pro Se General Information - 12/2020 PDF
01/14/2016 Pro Se (Non-Prisoner) Consent & Registration Form to Receive Documents Electronically PDF
04/20/2015 Petit Juror Handbook PDF
12/18/2020 Brochure PDF
11/13/2015 Password Policy and Agreement PDF
06/15/2012 Order Vacating Standing Orders PDF
06/02/2017 Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds PDF
04/25/2018 Order Conforming Transcript Fees PDF
04/09/2020 Oath on Admission PDF
01/24/2015 Northern District of Mississippi Plan Implementing Speedy Trial Act PDF
04/06/2018 Northern District of Mississippi Cell Phone Policy PDF
11/12/2020 NextGen Flowchart PDF
04/07/2020 NDMS CJA Plan, December 2018 PDF
08/01/2019 MS Witholding 8/19 PDF
09/01/2020 MS State Withholding (09/20) PDF
12/15/2020 Magistrate Judge Duty Schedule - 2021 PDF
11/09/2020 Link CMECF and PACER Accounts PDF
06/01/2013 Jury Plan PDF
09/07/2017 Jury List Request (for Attorneys) PDF
04/29/2015 Juror Qualification Frequently Asked Questions PDF
07/09/2019 IT Appropriate Use and Security Policy and Agreement PDF
08/05/2009 Internet: FAQs PDF
08/05/2009 Internet: Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability PDF
05/05/2020 I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Instructions PDF
05/05/2020 I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification PDF
01/13/2016 Habeas: 2255 (Motion to Challenge Federal Conviction)
01/13/2016 Habeas: 2241 (Petition to Challenge Detention - Other Than State or Federal Conviction)
01/13/2016 Habeas 2254 (State Habeas Petition) - P2
04/20/2015 Grand Juror Information PDF
01/15/2021 General Order on HSDs PDF
01/12/2016 Form P3 1983 (Complaint Challenging Conditions of Confinement)
12/01/2011 Form 7: Report of Mediation [PDF] PDF WORD WPD
12/01/2016 Form 6: Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice [PDF] PDF WORD
01/28/2016 Form 5: Injunction Bond PDF
12/01/2011 Form 4: Good Faith Certificate PDF WORD WPD
01/01/2013 Form 3: Pretrial Order WORD WPD
12/07/2016 Form 2f: Notice of Conventional Filing PDF
12/07/2016 Form 2e: Certificate of Service PDF
12/07/2016 Form 2d: Notice of Endorsement PDF
12/01/2011 Form 2c: Notice of Service of Pre-Discovery Disclosure Information PDF WORD WPD
12/01/2011 Form 2b: Notice of Service of Interrogatories or Requests for Production of Documents or Responses Thereto PDF WORD WPD
12/01/2011 Form 2a: Notice of Receipt of Original Deposition PDF WORD WPD
09/02/2020 Form 1: Case Management Order [PDF only] PDF
03/04/2021 FMS 2231 - Fast Start Direct Deposit PDF
06/10/2020 Fingerprint Data Form PDF
05/19/2021 Fee Schedule (effective May 19, 2021) PDF
05/28/2020 Federal Building ID Form - Oxford PDF
05/28/2020 Federal Building ID Form - Greenville PDF
05/28/2020 Federal Building ID Form - Aberdeen PDF
03/16/2020 Employment Dispute Resolution Plan (EDR) PDF
05/28/2020 Employee Confidentiality Statement PDF
11/25/2015 ECF Tech Tip: Firefox "Document Expired" Issue PDF
11/05/2014 ECF Tech TIp: Clearing your Browser Cache PDF
08/05/2009 Courtroom Internet Access: Appropriate Use Policy (for Attorneys) PDF
10/12/2018 Court Reporter Contact Information PDF WORD
01/05/2017 CJA Panel Application (PDF) PDF
12/30/2015 CJA (Criminal Justice Act) Information and Instructions
06/11/2013 Civil Cases filed on CMECF - Attorney Instructions PDF
07/31/2018 Civil and Criminal Event Lists PDF, PDF
12/14/2020 Checklist for Pro Se Plaintiffs - 12/2020 PDF
04/06/2018 Capital Habeas Panel Application PDF WORD
08/08/2018 Audio Recording Order Form (AO_436) PDF
07/18/2018 Audio Recording Order Form PDF
08/01/2009 AO 89 (Rev. 08/09) Subpoena to Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Criminal Case PDF
01/01/2007 AO 78 Employment Application [PDF] PDF
11/01/2010 AO 196A Acknowledgment of Gratuitous Services and Waiver PDF
05/11/2018 Agenda for CLE PDF
06/01/2021 Affidavit for Electronic Devices PDF
09/23/2011 Admiralty and Maritime Forms PDF WORD WPD
01/01/2021 Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing PDF
04/09/2009 Abstract of Judgment PDF