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Trial Support

Courtroom Technology:

Equipment List: LCD Monitors for the Court, Counsel, and Jury. Large Gallery Monitors. A document cart with camera, VCR, DVD player, Bluray Player, annotation device, and preview monitor. Witness camera. Infrared devices for hearing impaired and translation. And other features.

  • For the latest Courtroom Technology Information, please contact:

    In Aberdeen: Matthew Howell 662.369.4952
    In Oxford: Clay Vaughn 662.281.3001
    In Greenville: Tony Tate 662.390.4322

  • Note: If you intend to use a laptop, other electronic equipment, play a DVD, etc., to present evidence or testimony, schedule an appointment, prior to trial, with the courtroom deputy to test your presentation method. ALWAYS have a presentation back-up plan for trial.

  • Courtroom Technology Contacts:

Aberdeen: Matthew Howell 662.369.4952 |   Oxford: Clay Vaughn 662.281.3001   |   Greenville: Tony Tate 662.390.4322

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