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Standing Order Governing the Filing and Restricting of PSYCH Matters

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Judges of the Northern District of Mississippi adopted a new policy/ procedure where filing(s) regarding Psychological/Psychiatric/Medical treatment is concerned which is reflected in the attached standing order.  Effective immediately, in all criminal cases in which filings: motions/ response/ order & report are made regarding a defendant's mental health, that these particular filings will be RESTRICTED.    When filing any documents related to these matters, you will receive a prompt within ECF, you will chose which attorney(s) will have access to the actual document.    As always, your selection of attorney should mirror the certificate of service attached to your filing.  If you do not select counsel opposite, he/she will NOT be able to view the document.  The public docket WILL show the description of the filing made, however, when someone other than yourself, or counsel selected is attempting to view the document corresponding with the particular docket entry, the message, "You do not have permission to view this document" will appear.