Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) offers the public the ability to query court dockets and other information through through the Internet. Registered PACER users are able to run searches to determine whether an individual, corporation, or partnership has filed a District case in the Northern District of Mississippi, as well as view and print documents*.

* Please see our Fee information for the latest rates for viewing and printing documents in PACER.

Registered PACER users have the ability to:
  • Research a case by name and case number.
  • View the complete case history (Docket sheet cover and individual docket entries)
  • Access archived case summary information
  • View a listing of newly filed cases

How Do I Access PACER?

First, you will need a PACER account.

Sign up for one using our convenient on-line registration process. Sign Up Here »

Each court maintains its case information locally. Click here to access the Northern District of Mississippi Document Filing System.

If you do not know where the case is filed, use the PACER Case Locator.

ECF (Electronic Case Filing)

ECF, which stands for Electronic Case Filing (also called CM/ECF, Case Management / Electronic Case Filing), is an Internet-based document filing system. ECF is user-friendly and offers many benefits to the public, attorneys, and the court.  By using this system, entries are immediately placed on the docket sheet. Register for ECF Filing


Troubleshooting Electronic Case Filing:

Forgot Your ECF Login information?

Once you complete and submit the form found at the above link, you will be reissued a login and password via email.

Once you have logged in, if you are having trouble viewing documents or docketing, You may need to clear your browser. Click HERE for instructions.

ECF Training Information

**********IMPORTANT: THE TRAINING DATABASE WILL BE DOWN ON JULY 16, 2014 due to a system upgrade. It may be up the afternoon of the 16th, but it could be down all day.***************


We now have our ECF training database available for use. For access click here and use one of the training accounts and training cases that are listed below. If you have any problems click here to email your question.

Login: attorneyX (replace X with any number from 1-9)

Password: Training1

Cases: 3:05cv1 to 3:05cv5

If you get an error message trying to login, just click the back button and try a different login.

Below, we have provided links to help acclimate you to ECF: