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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may view documents on CMECF?

    Subject to court orders in individual cases, policy, or other individual court limitations, the public may view dockets and documents in CMECF systems through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) program. Logins are available to the public at the PACER registration page. As directed by Congress, the judiciary's electronic public access program is funded entirely through user fees set by the Judicial Conference of the United States. Information is currently available at a rate of ten cents ($.10) per page, with a maximum cost per document calculated to be the equivalent of a 30-page document ($3.00). Transcripts of court proceedings and docket sheets are not subject to the fee limit. Copies of court opinions, as designated by the authoring judge, are available at no charge.

  • How Long will I be On Call?

    Petit jurors for the Northern District of Mississippi are required to: (1) be on call for a period of one month or (2) serve on one trial. You are instructed to call the automated juror information phone line or check online through the E-Juror program as instructed on your summons. You will continue checking for instructions as directed for the duration of your jury term. If you are selected to serve for a trial which exceeds the service period, you will be required to serve until the completion of the trial. Many of the trials in this Court are anywhere from three to five days long.

    If you are selected to be on the grand jury, you will be required to serve for a period of one (1) year, reporting every other month (six (6) times during the year) with each session lasting from one (1) to three (3) days.

  • Can I get a Postponement or be Permanently Excused from Jury Service?

    If you would like to postpone your jury service, you may explain the reasons and the desired serving date on the sheet provided in the summons packet and return with the completed Juror Information form to the Court. If this conflicts with an already scheduled appointment, you may call the Jury department. If you would like to be permanently excused from Jury service, you must send the Jury Department a letter with a full explanation. If you would like to be excused for medical reasons, a letter from your doctor will be helpful. Also, you may request postponement or excusal through E-juror or via email.

  • What should I bring with me when I report?

    You will need to bring a valid picture ID (such as a driver's license) to go through security at the courthouse. Please be sure to bring your summons for check-in. Cell phones, laptops and pagers are not permitted in the building. Do not bring knitting needles, sewing needles, scissors or knives of any kind. Any types of wearable technology, such as smart glasses, watches, or bracelets with internet, cellular, or Bluetooth capability are also prohibited from the Courthouse.

  • How do I determine the proper division jurisdiction for my case?

    The divisions of court and corresponding counties and codes established to identify divisional venue are as follows:

    Aberdeen ( Alcorn, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Clay, Itawamba, Lee, Lowndes, Monroe, Oktibbeha, Prentiss, Tishomingo, Webster and Winston)

    Oxford (Benton, Calhoun, DeSoto, Lafayette, Marshall, Panola, Pontotoc, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tippah, Tunica, Union, and Yalobusha)

    Greenville (Attala, Bolivar, Carroll, Coahoma, Grenada, Humphreys, Leflore, Montgomery, Sunflower, and Washington)

  • What hardware and software are needed to file documents in CMECF?
    • Filers will need the following hardware and software to file documents in the CM/ECF electronic filing system: 

    • A personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Mac OS X.

    • A PDF-compatible word processor like Macintosh or Windows-based versions of Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

    • Internet service.

    • Firefox 3.5, 4, or Internet Explorer 8. (If using a Macintosh computer, please download and install Firefox, as Safari is not a supported browser)

    • Software to convert documents from word processor format to portable document format (PDF). Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word can convert documents to PDF, or an additional product such as Adobe Acrobat can be used.

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free, is needed for viewing PDF documents.  Adobe Acrobat 8 or better is recommended for filling out electronic forms available from our website.

    • A scanner may be necessary to create PDF images of documents that you wish to file using CMECF.

  • What Should I Wear?

    Please refrain from dressing inappropriately. In defense to the Court, please dress neatly. We ask that jurors not wear t-shirts, tank-tops, halter tops, or shorts. Please see your summons packet for more information.